SkinConnect is a skin treatment center with non-invasive professional skincare treatments. We will connect to your skin concerns through our skin consultation and deliver truly personalized skincare solutions for your skin health. In each individual visit, we will connect to your skin’s lifestyle and technically advise the suitable treatment. In addition, we will allow you to design your own treatment with some non-technical customization to assure that we can connect to your skin’s happiness.

Our Treatment Concept

While there are so many choices of medical beauty treatments in the market, we believe that some customers are still looking for less stress beauty treatment as a post-medical treatment alternative or to maintain their good skin health. Our treatments will provide the balance of your mind and your skin function and to enhance your inner happiness for the inside out beauty.

Power of Connection

Uniquely designed, our treatment combines the power of human touch with our own massage movements by your own choice, the power of products with more natural ingredient base through innovative technology and the power of professional atmosphere with hygiene and cleanliness.

Our Team

To deliver the best treatment, our Skincare Expert Team need to be happy with their work. We will recruit experienced staff with a positive mindset, provide the right training and maintain a friendly, fair, and happy work environment. As a result, our Skincare Expert Team will be able to provide each client with professional and trusted advice and consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service with real results for every visit.

SkinConnect promises to take care of your skin health and help you achieve the best beauty for your quality of life.

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